Confident Dogs are laid back & able to deal with new situations 

Here at Confident K9 we like strive for life to be calm and peaceful, unlike the outside world of never ending to do lists and deadlines with people rushing around. 

A walk or run with your dog is absolutely the best thing you can do.  In our culture we believe that love & food is enough to make everyone happy even our animals, but one of a dogs most basic needs is to move.  

A walk with your dog should be enjoyable & relaxing for both of you instead of a chore and we are here to help you achieve a balanced life which includes your dog.

In reality however, we all lead busy lives, which usually leaves little time for the family dog, we expect them to sleep all day while we are gone and then sleep again at night while we are home and then we wonder why they develop behavioral problems.

Common problems people face with their dogs are incessant barking, jumping, chewing, digging, biting, reactivity to specific things, separation anxiety and phobias, to list a few.  

No behavior develops overnight, so remember it also can't be solved overnight.  Every family and every dog have a unique set of circumstances and some behaviors can be modified in a few weeks with a highly motivated family that is dedicated to following a training plan.   

Just like people, dogs come in all shapes, sizes and personalities, I use evidence based training methods, so once the dogs figure out that specific behaviors bring rewards (play, toys, verbal and physical praise)  they are eager to learn.  Regardless of the unwanted behavior(s), the first step is to please call and together we can move forward.


From the minute you pick up your new puppy around 10 weeks old the clock is ticking, you have until they reach about 16 weeks old to expose them to as many people, places, dogs, sounds, smells, tastes and textures/surfaces as you can possible can, while keeping it fun for them.  

See our free download of the puppy 12 rule. This 6 week window will be the foundation of how puppy deals with things in his adult life.  Ideally the person who took care of your puppy in the first 10 weeks will also have exposed him to many things and he should have also got plenty of litter mate time, this is where they learn to play nicely & that biting hurts, hence those razor sharp puppy teeth.  

Please call us before you get a puppy we are here to help, you wouldn't buy a house without a real estate agent to help you through the process.