Confident Dogs are cool, calm, collected, laid back & able to deal with new situations 

Call, Skype or FaceTime 

For basic behavior questions & help, email [email protected], we can set up a convenient time to discuss your situation.  There's a lot of simple solutions, management tools & tips to help make life easier for you and your dog.  $15/15 minutes

Behavior Modification & Coaching

An initial consultation is required and will take place at your home, ideally with all the family present, this usually takes between 60-90minutes.  During the consult we will go over the behavior(s) you want to address and talk about how to manage them, so your dog doesn't keep practicing them while we work on changing them.  After all practice makes perfect with unwanted behaviors as well as wanted ones.

After the initial consult we will make recommendations for training.  Everyone involved will need to be on board before proceeding.  It takes committment, change is hard for everyone. $60/hr 

Body Language & Behaviour

Do you wish your dog could talk?  Well he can you just have to look.

In this class we look at how a dog's brain works, how to read his body language and recognize subtle signals so you can prevent behaviors escalating out of control.   Learn how to keep your dog from getting to the point where he feels the need to growl, bark and lunge.  

We go over how emotions effect learning and health, constant stress and fear in dogs causes cortisol levels to increase just like in humans and can play havoc with your dog's health and his immune system.

Improve your knowledge and your relationship with your dog. 

Email [email protected] for 2019 classes & locations

Pet First Aid & CPR Workshop         

Perfect for pet parents & professionals. Training is by lecture, demonstration & hands-on practice, includes a handbook & upon successful completion, each participant will receive a certificate.

ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! Be Prepared with this full day workshop  - $125/person

Email [email protected] for 2019 classes & locations

Off Leash Play Area

We are excited to let people know we are also offering the property as an off leash area for dogs, using Sniffspot!   Let your dog run off leash in our fenced area, which also has some agility equipment or take a walk on our back 10 acre track.

You can schedule as little as 1 hour out, click the Sniffspot logo above and pick your time. its super easy  $5/hour

Be sure to let friends with dogs know that there is a new dog play area option in the area!