Confident Dogs are able to deal with new situations 


Dogs communicate with us every day but not using words.

In order to keep everyone safe and avoid a dog bite, it is critically important that we learn to interpret their language and react appropriately.

Whether you are a groomer, vet tech, law enforcement officer, utility worker,  or Health Care Visitor, if you encounter dogs during you work day,

our "canine body language & behavior" class is for you.


You are expected to meet, leash, handle and hold dogs as part of their daily work.

Assisting the veterinarian with a wide variety of procedures most of which involve physically handling the animal.

What is surprising is that many Vet Tech's have little to no training on canine body language prior to starting their job.  

In this class we look at how to approach and leash a dog, how to ensure the visit is minimally stressful for the animal,  which in turn helps the animal's immune system and also helps everyone involved avoid a bite.


You have to handle dogs as part of their daily routine just like Vet Techs.

For the dog these potentially stressful, scary and uncomfortable can push them to their limit and they may feel the need to lash out and bite.

In this class we take a look at canine body language and how to make sure the dog is at least comfortable having his hair and nails trimmed.  Ideally he will enjoy his visit and be happy to return.

Happy groomer, happy dog and happy Pet parent